What you can expect in a session

rozanne_myburgh_what_you_can_expectEach Drama therapy session will be tailored to suit the needs of the client or group.

Sessions for individual clients are usually 45 minutes and group sessions 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Sessions involve embodied experiential process as well as cognitive reflection (verbal and non verbal).

Techniques used include dramatic play, mime, puppetry, mask work, role play, enactment, ritual, improvisation, storytelling, theatre-making, theatre production, drama games, projected techniques and others.

The hope is that the changes that occur within the therapeutic space can be extended to the life outside.

Aims of Dramatherapy

Drama therapy aims to facilitate the client’s ability to tell his/her story, solve problems, set goals, gain insight into personal behaviours, practice new behaviours, name and express feelings appropriately, achieve catharsis, extend the depth and breadth of inner experience, improve interpersonal skills and relationships, and strengthen the ability to perform personal, social and professional life roles while increasing flexibility between roles.