What is drama therapy?

rozanne_myburgh_session_individual“Drama therapy is the intentional use of drama and theatre processes for the therapeutic goals of symptom relief, emotional, cognitive and physical integration, and personal growth”

Drama therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which all of the performance arts are utilized within the therapeutic relationship. Drama therapists are clinicians that draw upon training in theatre/drama and therapy in order to create methods to engage clients in effective psychological, emotional and social change. The therapy gives equal validity to the body and mind within the dramatic context; stories, metaphor and improvisation are examples of the range of artistic interventions that a Drama therapist may employ. The distance offered through the dramatic medium enables clients to project aspects of their inner worlds onto the dramatic material so that it can be safely explored. Drama therapy is not about acting or performing. In a drama therapy session movement, drama, movement-with-touch, enactment of stories, improvisation and use of voice becomes the method of expression.